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Since free schools can choose to base their school on an ideology of religious, political or pedagogical nature, there is a big diversity of free schools and of how the education is performed. Below you can watch a movie about the Danish free school, den fri Hestehaveskole, or read extracts from articles reporting on various free schools.


Den fri Hestehaveskole

Video by Anna-Sofie Uth Juncker, student

Den fri Hestehaveskole is an alternative school that embraces the community and pays special attention to the fact that the pupils know how to act in a society. Watch the teachers, pupils and the board of the school explain what kind of school den fri Hestehaveskole is, and what influence the way of teaching has on the pupils.


Free school with both 10th, 11th, and 12th class

Extract from article in Friskole Bladet, translated by Mette Marie Mouritsen

The Rudolf Steiner School in Odense is a 12-years comprehensive school without examinations and grades. Instead of grades, the pupils get school reports every or every other year telling them their level of academic- and social abilities, as well as of development...


Product-oriented pedagogy in Gudenådalens friskole

Extract from article in Friskole Bladet, translated by Mette Marie Mouritsen

Gudenådalens Friskole is working at developing a pedagogy in which many of the lessons of instruction result in something that can be presented to other people, for instance as a movie or performance. Central to this form of teaching is the aspect of communication, and form and content are equally important...

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345 free schools in Denmark

Dansk Friskoleforening has about 345 associated free schools all over Denmark. See all schools on the map below. 




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