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We want to provide you with the best possible experience and therefore we have built into the programme a number of options.

You can choose to arrive at any time from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning and you leave when it suits you.

There will be several visits to local Friskoler (free schools), Efterskoler (one-year boarding schools for teenagers) and Folk High Schools (adult education).

You can choose to take part in the symposium to learn more about the nature of belonging and the power deriving from it.

You can also choose to use your visit to find future partners by taking part in the contact seminar the day before the conference.

When you register for the conference you must choose a workshop, and indicate the days on which you want accommodation and meals. 

The international conference Thursday October 11th:

International participants: Free of charge
Members of organizer associations: 120 EUR
Students: 80 EUR
Others: 160 EUR

School visit: 50 EUR
Contact seminar: 50 EUR
Symposium 50: EUR

Accommodation including breakfast: first night 60 EUR + 40 EUR per extra night
Lunch: 27 EUR
Dinner: 38 EUR

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The international conference is a result of close cooperation between the free schools in Denmark.   
If you have questions please contact:

Jakob Clausager Jensen
+45 22361153

Contact information
Jakob Clausager Jensen
+45 22361153
Jakob Clausager Jensen
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