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THE POWER OF BELONGING - for registration after October 3rd contact first

The International Togetherness Conference in Denmark October 11, 2018

The 1st Togetherness Conference explored ‘Togetherness as Motivation’ and discussed whether this might be thought of as a 21st century skill. In this, our second international conference, we shall look at the power of belonging in an educational context, at what it means to belong, at integrating individual fulfilment with collective action and social responsibility, at developing a sense of interdependence and a future in which all can belong.

The focus will be on schools as spheres of belonging, on theoretical and practical approaches to activating collective self-awareness, on exploring ways in which school can reinvent itself to promote the common good.
Two keynote speakers will address the reinvention of school and the challenges of belonging for pupils in school. This will lead on to a set of workshops based around real-life applications or methods associated with the power of belonging.

We are looking for answers to questions such as:
To what degree does togetherness presuppose a sense of belonging? And how does a sense of (non-) belonging impact on the lives of others? In our global and post-modern world, spheres of belonging can seem far more complex and fragile than they were for our forefathers. Is it possible, in the absence of a clear sense of belonging, to cultivate allegiance to generally accepted common values and aims? How important are shared values and shared aims? Do our schools promote multiculturality and collectivity? Or conformity and uniformity? How can we help young people navigate in a way that allows them to retain their belief in themselves and in the political process?

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The international conference is a result of close cooperation between the free schools in Denmark.   
If you have questions please contact:

Jakob Clausager Jensen
+45 22361153

Contact information:
Jakob Clausager Jensen
+45 22361153
Jakob Clausager Jensen
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